Adroit Urban Builders, a sister division to Lisa Goldin Properties, specializes in urban infill development, building beautiful urban living environments for people who want to live in established communities near the urban core.

We create and develop smart, environmentally responsible real estate projects and conscientiously steward the land in our charge. The residential units we build are modern, urban, energy-efficient and affordable. Our developments are designed with a strong sense of community and sustainability.

About Our Developments

Thoughtfully Designed - We thrive on creating dynamic spaces that accommodate today’s lifestyles while artfully avoiding excess. This includes efficient use of space and integration of indoor and outdoor living areas.

Quality Built - We pride ourselves on quality construction that incorporates excellent craftsmanship and implements energy efficient construction methods, materials and mechanical services.

Neighborhood-Compliant - Our homes respect the integrity of their surrounding neighborhood while incorporating state-of-the-art exterior materials and delivering modern interiors that appeal to discerning buyers.

Community-Oriented & Convenient - 
Our homes build and foster community by bringing new life to older, central neighborhoods that offer walkability to local shops, businesses and restaurants and enable neighbors of all ages to stay socially connected and engaged. 

Affordable - We deliver great design at accessible prices by building townhomes that live like single-family homes. Our innovative, streamlined methods of design and construction reduce building costs without sacrificing quality. 
Adroit Urban Builders
Adroit Urban Builders