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Meet The Lisa Goldin Team of Buyer's Specialist and New Construction Specialist waiting to assist you today @ 877-892-2987. 

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Thank you for visiting the Lisa Goldin Team website! I offer buyer's agents and New Construction Specialist-- real estate professionals who work exclusively for buyers like yourself, representing your best interest throughout the real estate transaction. 

There are many benefits of using a buyer agent like the Lisa Goldin Team and, just to let you know right from the beginning, all these benefits will not cost you anything. Believe it or not, our services are paid for by the home seller or Builder!

When we work for you we will:

1) Completely educate you about the practice of Buyer Agency, outlining my fiduciary responsibilities to you, which include: complete Disclosure, Loyalty, Confidentiality, Obedience and Accountability. We educate you on the ins and outs of home buying or home building.

2) Provide a complete market analysis of the comparable SOLD Homes. My Team and I pride ourselves on educating you on the market conditions so YOU make and educated home buying decisions. 

3) Create a detailed profile of your future home needs, wants, expectations, "must haves," etc. 

4) Save you time searching the market for an affordable home that meets your criteria. I will also provide you with regular market updates. 

5) Help you explore all your financing options so you can make the best mortgage decision you can. In addition, if you like, we will refer you to some of the first-class financial contacts we've made through years of experience. In short, we will step you through every phase of the loan process. 

6) Accompany you as you view homes, providing a detailed analysis of them. 

We can also refer you to many expert home inspectors that will provide more in-depth analysis and advice. 

7) Negotiate the best possible home price for you, take care of the details of documentation and do everything we can to make sure everything's signed, sealed and delivered on closing day. 

8) Assist you, if necessary, in finding the right moving company, home insurance and any other home-related services you need. 


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